In Concrete5 a feature has been removed since version 5.7: an easy way to backup and restore the Database.

There was a lot of discussion in the forums (here or here or here) with no useful result for people like me - looking for a solution to this issue.

But as time went by, nothing really popped up and the core team decided to remove the corresponding page from the dashboard, as it was without any function through a complete Major Release #.

So I decided to write something on my own.

After you've installed this addon, you'll get three new buttons in your toolbar. The first one lets you upload and import a database dump, the second one exports the current database and the third one clears the c5 cache.

There is no warranty, so use it on your own risk.

should work from 5.7.4 upwards until 8.4.0 (so far)

Download Addon

Feel free to comment or feedback.

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